Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's all fun and games until…

It's probably not surprising to you that I favored the police officer costume when I was a kid. Superman was a close second.

As evidenced by the attendance at Comic Con and the success of films featuring Wolverine, Batman or Superman, people love their superheroes like never before. Some folks go a bit overboard with their fantasies and hero worship. On last Saturday night, a group of young men actually put themselves in very precarious positions.
While on foot patrol in Mizner Park, two Boca Raton police officers were approached by a group of very concerned citizens. They told the officers that four or five people were putting on body armor and taking guns from the trunk of a car. We are naturally concerned about possible active shooter and/or terrorist incidents, so our officers hotfooted their way to the scene, located on the top floor of a parking garage.
When they arrived, they found five males dressed in military style outfits and armed with various firearms. One character had two samurai swords strapped to his back. Here is an image of some of their hardware:
Understandably, the officers ordered all of these “superheroes” to the ground at gunpoint. We quickly learned that the “guns” were actually stage props or airsoft type guns.
The actors (all in their 20s) told officers they were there to take action photographs of themselves.  The planned “shoot” featured two superheroes and two terrorists.

The complainants did not want to get further involved and left the scene.  The superheroes were issued trespass warnings and sent on their way with some words of wisdom.
Some folks are getting carried away in their quest for the next great social media post. Someone is going to get hurt. 

Parents should have discussions with their kids about the potential risks associated with these stunts.  Adults need to consider the appropriate, time, place and manner in regards to acting out their superhero fantasies. 

I am happy that our officers were able to defuse this situation without any casualties.  Let’s be thoughtful and, of course, be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

Morons, no common sense, lets go to a very public venue and dress up with weapons, real smart !

Ed Traylor said...

Chief, GREAT advice!!! The Officers handled the situation very well. Thankfully it didn't escalate!

Nathania Johnson said...

Even though a Deadpool mask can be terrifying, it's pretty obvious these guys were just cosplaying.

Chief Alexander said...

Nathania- It's not the mask alone that would create the alarm. It's the weapons/props that would reasonably raise concerns.

Anonymous said...

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